Mobile App Security Tips to Avoid Cyber Threats

Technology has brought about a world full of endless possibilities and benefits. And one of the most effective innovations of this new world is the smartphone. They’ve become an integral part of our lives and make things all the more easy for us.

Millennial spend about 5.7 hours on their phone, scrolling through mobile apps for most of this time. On the one hand, these apps have gained our trust and facilitate us in several ways. On the other hand, they’ve opened up more gateways for hackers and viruses.

Cyber threats are on the rise, affecting some of the biggest businesses across the world. In 2017, 516,380 small Australian businesses faced cyberattacks and this number has increased over the years. As the situation continues to worsen, it’s high time to get your defences up.

Take a look at these security tips to avoid cyber threats.

Use Antivirus:

Mobile apps can be pretty vulnerable if not secured properly. This is a serious concern for both, regular and commercial users. Most apps are made on an open-source platform, which makes it easier for viruses and malware to penetrate into the systems.

To avoid the threats, install effective antivirus software to protect your data and devices. An antivirus will block malware from entering your system and act as a perfect defence mechanism against security threats.

Limit Data Sharing:

Data theft is a growing concern for many firms. Most free apps are involved in data sharing over the server for advertisement purposes. This data is mined by criminals and hackers for illegal activities. And the main reason behind data leaks is ignoring the security checks and terms and conditions of apps.

While giving permission to an app to access your system, make sure you read every point. Don’t provide access to sensitive company data. Always use certified and trusted apps to avoid mishaps.

Avoid Unauthorized Access:

Sometimes, personal information or data is uploaded from your phone without your permission. This data can be used for spams or advertisement. Before your app accesses any data on your phone, it requires permission from an authorized user. For maximum protection, make sure you change your device setting s to ask for your permission to access any other app or data on your device.

Encrypt Your Data:

Another great practice to avoid the threat of cybercrime is using encrypted apps. Such apps hide your data from public servers and other platforms. Secure apps provide an added layer of security between user data and the online world.

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