DDoS Attacks-Ensure That Your Sensitive Data Stays Secure

Most businesses these days have made a switch to digital technology. Although this move has proven to be quite beneficial for businesses, there are certain problems that businesses face as well. The biggest of these problems has been an increase in the rate of DDoS attacks.

Distributed Denial Of Service Attacks

Distributed denial of services attacks refer to an online attack, which prevents a website, or a service from running smoothly. It might result in the website not displaying the content available or it might affect the speed of your computer when connected to the internet.

The goal of the hackers in these cases is to steal sensitive information. Therefore, it is imperative that you prevent these attacks from occurring in the first place.

Why Do Such Attacks Succeed

In majority of the cases, companies become victim to this kind of crime because they do not have the tools to prevent these attacks from occurring. Some of the tools that companies use in order to keep their sensitive data safe include:

· Firewalls

· Routers

· Switches

However, none of these tools are effective in case of a DDoS attack. In some cases, they actually result in businesses becoming even more susceptible. For example, a firewall might create bottlenecks, which increase the chances of outages.

Types of DDoS Attacks

There are different kinds of DDoS attacks. Some of them include:

Application Layer

These types of attacks are designed to look like innocent requests. However, their goal is to actually crash the website. Experts measure the magnitude of these kinds of attacks based on the number of requests that are sent per second.


These kinds of attack revolve around protocol attacks. Some of these include:

· SYN floods

· Pings of Death

· Fragmented packet attacks

These kinds of attacks can result in consumption of resources. They do so by overwhelming system memory so that the server ends up crashing.


Some of the attacks that fall under this category include:

· User datagram protocols flood

· ICMP floods

· Spoofed packet floods

The goal of these attacks is to saturate the bandwidth of a specific website. The extent of the damage is measured through bit in a single second.

How To Prevent These Attacks


There are certain measures that IT personnel within a company can undertake in order to address the issue of DDoS attacks. DDoS mitigation services can help in this regard.

The IT personnel in companies can also develop strategies for countering DDoS attacks and develop mitigation plans in order to strengthen their company’s defences.

Creating a risk profile of the company can also help companies solve this issue. Get in touch with us. We offer mobile application penetration test and services. We can conduct a data assessment and highlight the flaws in your system.

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