Network Vulnerability Assessment And Their Benefits For Businesses


Cyber security threats are a major issue that can have a significant impact on Australia’s economy and prosperity. Some of the examples of cyber threats include:

· Data breach

· Denial of services

· Compromised systems

According to research studies, fifty-six percent of privately owned businesses reported that they had faced the issue of compromised systems.

Companies can prevent these issues by engaging in a practice known as Network vulnerability assessment. Here are some benefits of this practice:

Penetration Testing

Cyber security specialists engage in a practice known as penetration testing. This practice involves companies hiring professionals who hack the company’s security system.

The aim is to identify the weak spots in the system’s security. These tests also allow companies to identify the impact a specific attack can have on their systems.

Assessment Of Network Vulnerability  

Unlike penetration testing, vulnerability assessments involve multiple tests and are overall much more detailed and thorough.

After the analysts have assessed the network, they provide the company with a list of possible solutions that they can opt for in order to make sure that their sensitive data stays safe and secure.

Network vulnerability scans are preferable since they are much more thorough and take all changes made to the software into account as well. Unlike penetration tests, network assessments do not have an impact on the operations of the company either.

Network Assessment Helps You Stay Ahead Of Hackers

Hackers are always looking for loopholes in your system’s security. Even the slightest problem with the system can give them access to data.

With network assessment, companies can prevent this from happening. Frequent assessment allows companies to identify the flaw in the system and fix them before hackers get the opportunity to exploit those weaknesses.

Business Goes On As Usual

A cyber attack can seriously affect the operations of a business. They can also lead to heavy losses as well.

Even a penetration test can slow down the operations of the business. However, this is not the case with network assessments since there are no interruptions in the business.

Gives Clients Guarantee That Their Data Is Safe

A company’s clients require guarantees from the company that their data will always stay safe. Companies can ensure this through network vulnerability assessments. This also creates a positive perception of the company in the eyes of the customers.

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