Cryptocurrency Mining Malware – 2018’s New Menace!

With digital currency slowly gaining popularity over the past 8 years, the biggest question that arises is, is it a safe investment to make? Cryptocurrency depends on cryptography for distribution and transferring.

The most famous cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, having been declared the ‘best performing currency’ in 2016, having beaten gold in performance.

But as cryptocurrency values increase on a daily basis, so do the security threats. With cyber criminals trying everything in their books to crack digital vaults and steal digital money, it makes one wonder if cryptocurrency mining malware is the new menace and ransomeware to be wary of.

 Recently, in February 2018, cyber criminals used the Australian Government’s website to hack into cryptocurrency accounts. The criminals used more than 4,000 websites to breach security and commit the crime.

What made the scenario worse is that the attackers could have used keylogger to save user login credentials and committed crimes by stealing their accounts and identity.

Ways to Stop Cryto-Mining

There are some ways you can stop crypto-mining and attackers from taking over your computer. Not only individuals, businesses also need to be aware since they are more likely to invest in digital money.

  • Use the “No-Coin” Chrome Extension

It’s safe to assume that most businesses use Chrome for browsing. If you do, make sure to install the “no-coin” extension in Chrome

No Coin identifies the different ways websites interact with your browser and stops threats from penetrating through your browser’s security. It also identifies websites with hidden cryptocurrency mining applications.

  • Block the Coin Mining Domains in Host Files

You will have to do this manually. You will need to block the coin mining domains in your host files, blocking their access to your browser. When your browser is unable to connect to these files, you will need to redirect the files to

  • Use AdBlock

You never know who’s trying to mine your browser and host files. Therefore, use an ad blocker like AdBlock to prevent external threats from taking over your browser’s connection.

If you see those strange click-bait ads pop up often, they are full of malware and crypto-mining applications.

It’s important to keep your organisation safe from such threats. Lean Security helps keep your systems safe, by ensuring that your website & web application security and systems are free of security loopholes!

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