Why a Network Vulnerability Assessment is good for Business

Cyber attacks have cost companies and businesses a fair bit, both in terms of money and in terms of information/intellectual property according to international statistics. Keeping your company’s digital property safe means making sure your network security is on the ball.

When it comes to advanced web security testing, penetration tests are great, but they can take a little more time and are not the same as vulnerability assessments!

Pen Tests

Penetration tests or more commonly called pen tests are basically you authorizing someone to attempt to hack your organizational network and access sensitive information. The idea is to find loopholes in your network security by simulating an attack. The pen test’s primary focus is how detrimental a specific attack could be as opposed to exposing numerous weaknesses like a vulnerability assessment.  

Vulnerability Assessments

A vulnerability assessment is a detailed and extensive procedure involving a series of tests in order to identify loopholes in network security. Vulnerability assessments also involve providing possible solutions and options for organizations to strengthen their security and protect their data and other digital assets.

Why Bother

As we said, no matter how seamless you think your network security is, there are those out there who can find ways to penetrate your protocols. There are a few reasons why it might be a good idea to have regular vulnerability assessments done even if you’re already getting pen tests!


Pen tests might be slightly obstructive when it comes to regular business functions and therefore cannot be performed regularly. Vulnerability assessments can be performed more often without really interrupting your business or exposing you to risks!

Kind of like the bi-annual visit to the dentist—it does not mean you stop brushing those pearly whites.

Keeping Up

You might not be poking your system to find holes in it every day. Hackers on the other hand are on a constant lookout for weaknesses in your IT security infrastructure. Since vulnerability assessments can be performed as often as every other day without upsetting your day to day business stuff they help give hackers a hard time.

You’re always a step ahead of the hackers because if there is a kink in the system, you’ll be the first to know.

Keep the Pen Tests Light

Pen tests can be a kick in the shin when you get them done because they alert you to a whole number of little security holes. This really makes you wonder how exposed you’ve been all along!

Vulnerability assessments allow you to deal with such loopholes on a regular basis so that when you do get that pen test, the list of weaknesses is far lighter. Think of this like doing the dishes after every meal in contrast to letting them sit till the weekend when you have the time.

Uninterrupted Business

Cyber and network attacks can really throw a business off, putting you back on not just schedules but tens of thousands of dollars. Even penetration tests when conducted can trigger problems and slow things down.

Vulnerability assessments let you keep working while you keep your data safe.


Depending on what business you’re in or what your organization does, client guarantees tend to mean something. If you can’t guarantee safety of client data and information, that might not be the best thing.

Vulnerability assessments allow you to make your networks as seamlessly secure as possible. That way you can hold your head up, look your client in the eye and tell them that their data, records and any other information is safe with you!


Don’t waste time thinking about it. Get your networks assessed and make sure those valuable data assets are protected! If you’re not sure where to begin, get in touch! We know web security assessments like none other and would be happy to help!