5 Reasons To Invest In Online Or Cyber Security

Everything around us is evolving. Medicine, engineering, and the nergy we use and how we see ourselves psycho-socially!

Unfortunately, cyber crime is evolving too! Though there are a number of successful business owners who do not understand or appreciate the importance of cyber security, there are others who swear by it.

What is it about?

To make things simple, it really is about what you have to lose. If there is data, information or confidential material on your systems or network, it stands to reason that you would not want un-authorized access.

That’s not it; a lot could go wrong when the wrong person gains access to your network:

5 Reasons Why

We’re going to explain five reasons that make it glaringly obvious why you should absolutely invest in cyber security services as well as regular web security assessments. Here they are:

invest in cyber security services.png


Real Crime

Unlike an episode of the hit show Archer where the extent of the hacker’s damage was a laughing pirate on the screen and everyone being locked out of their systems, real life hacks can be a lot more malicious. Simply backing your data up won’t help.

Hackers can mess with your accounts, records, internal system functions, credit and debit data and a lot more. They can also access confidential official plans and information to sell to competitors. In extreme cases, a hacker could stalk you, which could end up in physical assault or some other physical crime.

In short, hackers can sometimes be very dangerous to you or your business.

Loss upon Loss

A bad hack could cause you to lose a whole lot of money. Not just this, depending on the nature of your business, could lose credibility as well! If you have confidential client data, one hack could put it all out for the world to see. We doubt your clients would be all too pleased.

A combination of a bad hack and inadequate insurance could also well drain your funds and put you right out of business!

Easy Access

Have you never watched a spy show or movie? Back accessing microphones and cameras on mobile devices is a real threat.

Even hackers starting off can gain access to phones and other personal devices with a bit of information. We have discussed this in detail in another article but in short, phones and tablets can be phished, stolen or simply broken into and remotely accessed!  


Again, we deeply wish this weren’t so, but it is! Depending on who your cloud provider or vendor is, your level of security might or might not be up to the mark! Secure cloud managed hosting could be helpful here. Always make sure to grill your potential or current cloud provider about cloud security and data access protocols.


As we mentioned at the start of this article, hackers like everything else are evolving. If you think your state of the art anti-virus software is going to cut it, think again! Hackers are coders and programmers. These are guys who have the intelligence and skill to write programs. If software available in the main stream has advanced so much, imagine how far the people who make such software have come. Not all of them work for anti-virus companies!


Reading the pointers above, it stands to reason that investing in cyber security is not just a good idea, it’s a bare essential. If you’re looking for a reliable network security company to get security testing services and are wondering what they can do for you, maybe we can help! Give us a shout and get those online assets well protected!