Simple Tips For Security Testing Web Applications

Web applications offer a wide range of benefits for developers. One of the best parts about web applications is that they don’t need to be installed, therefore, there is no burden regarding patches or updates on users.

However, it goes without saying that native applications give developers tighter control over user experience, and are far simpler to secure.

This is also the reason why hybrid applications that combine the pros of both web and native applications are growing in popularity.

If you maintain an  ecommerce website, or one that requires users to fill out forms with personal information, you should take measures to ensure that the data doesn’t fall in the wrong hands.

To be effective at this, you need to take a different approach with application testing.

Here are a few simple tips that will allow you to make your web application securer:

Get In The Attacker’s Shoes

Try to make your way into the shoes of the attacker. Just like you try to become the user when testing web applications for security, it is time to become the attacker. It is quite possible that the attacker will try to make his way through the least secure path.

Begin with the common attack scenarios and techniques. Don’t forget that the attacker will try everything to gain access. Therefore, test out everything.

Application Assessment

Assess your application just like an attacker. What technologies does your application use? What are the degrees of access given to users? How is the data stored? More importantly, what type of data is stored?

Safe Passwords

The simplest way an attacker will gain access to your application controls is through password cracking. Is there any chance of a user guessing your password and username? Does your web application enforce stronger passwords? Don’t forget that passwords need to be encrypted at all times.

SQL Injections

Do you think attackers can input harmful SQL statements into text fields and gain access to your database? At times, they are also able to make it into your database through error codes in the browser. If you don’t take the right precautions, they can download, modify or even delete key data.

At Lean Security, we help clients boost their web application security through modern techniques and systems. We also offer comprehensive penetration testing services to uncover all vulnerabilities in your websites and suggest remedial measures. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.