Testing For Application Security—Can You Skip It?

As technology continues to imbed itself in practically all aspects of our daily lives, the risk of crucial information—business and personal—being leaked becomes more real.

Many major companies like Google now offer massive cash rewards to hackers who can expose vulnerabilities in web applications and websites.

While traditionally, the internet was considered an entirely different world, it would make sense if we now call it a universe of its own.

Consequently, security isn’t just a major concern for individual users but also business owners who are trusted by customers to handle their confidential data.

The nature of data could range from contact details to credit card information and more.

Many would agree that data is the new currency and plenty of individuals are willing to risk anything to get as much of it as they can.

With all of these things in mind, it is now more important than ever that business owners invest in robust security testing plan for websites, application and all sorts of online products. Practically any online platform that stores, process and transfers key customer data should be adequately protected.

But You Need An End-To-End Approach

With a practically never-ending list of all reasons why you shouldn’t ignore security testing, it is clear that testing is now mandatory. But what methods will help business owners gain the right results?

Traditionally, many business owners considered application security an afterthought; doing it only once an application was completed. However, the field has evolved today. Many vendors are now utilising an end-to-end approach when it comes to security testing.

Even though many vendors utilise code scanners to conduct quick reviews, we advise not skipping a comprehensive manual review to identify each bug.

Lean Security’s approach is to test everything rigorously before deployment to later move to penetration testing. Even in cases where you have fully functional web applications, we conduct in-depth security testing to surface all sorts of vulnerabilities. With so much at risk for our clients, we consider the old adage ‘better safe than sorry’ truly applicable here.

Security Testing Is Like Anti-Virus—For Your Business

In its essence, security testing is more like anti-virus for your business. It helps ensure that everything keeps running smoothly. Whether you are small or medium business owner, you need enterprise level security to avert potential cyber attacks and also avoid a PR nightmare in the process.

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