What to Expect When You Hire a Web Application Testing Service Provider

In simple terms, web application testing is when an online business hires a security assurance service provider such as Lean Security to analyse and test their web applications for potential viruses or cyber threats – either before or during its availability to the World Wide Web.

The task of securing a web application from outside attacks is given to a professional application testing service provider for effective results. The importance of running precise security analysis on your web application shouldn’t be taken lightly; it is during this stage that major issues pertaining to web application security and its operation come are brought to light.

Web Application Testing Checklist

Security experts recommend hiring a professional for this very important job for a reason. Not only will they be better equipped in terms of automated tools, software and skilled expertise; but a professional web application testing will ensure that nothing is left to chance. They will conduct;

Functionality Testing

This is usually done to check if the specifications you intended for your product are met. The functional requirements in the web applications as per the developmental documentation are also checked. The testing analysis is done on;

v  All links (outgoing, internal, anchor, MailTo) in the web-pages to check if working correctly, with no broken links in place.

v  Forms

v  Cookies


v  Business Workflow

Usability Testing

This has become a vital part of any web based project and application. This is because conducting usability testing on the web application will let you know how easy it is to navigate for users and the target audience. Usability testing can either be carried out by experts, DIY testers or a small focus group that’s similar to the web application’s intended users. With the help of usability testing, online store owners and business can test;

v  Whether the web application is easy to navigate or not

v  Whether the content is easy to read/understand or not

Security Testing

This is by far the most important function carried by web application testing service providers. Why? Security testing of a web application holds vital importance for e-commerce websites as these online stores carry sensitive customer information. Lean Security conducts the analysis of and suggests businesses to keep a look at whether;

v  Unauthorized access is being given to secure pages by the current system

v  Restricted files are being downloaded without the appropriate access and authentication

v  Check sessions are killed automatically after long inactivity by users

v  Websites are being re-directed to encrypted SSL pages on usage of SSL certificates

By having a safe and secure web application, you will only be doing your online business a favour. Customers will prefer the extensive and seamless secure applications that can only be provided by a professional hand. Sign up for our services today!