Top Cloud Computing Apps

Cloud computing has changed the way business is done and this is facilitated by different apps which are based on the concept of cloud computing. These apps and services allow better integration, file sharing, and accessibility, which are crucial to business success in this age. Which are the tops apps, which have conquered the cloud arena and facilitated business processes the most? Read to find out. is a constant innovator, which makes it fun and easier to use as time passes. It provides dedicated photo sharing services, which are simply unbeatable by other apps. Businesses use it to centralise their marketing data and it provides options such as customisable synchronisation, uploading photos to discrete folders and the option of unlimited storage.


Joukuu provides a storage maintenance service, which displays the content of files stored in a single list. It can show file content stored to Google Docs, Dropbox, and Joukuu is a true time saver when you have employees working on one project and they may be subscribed to different services. This happens in the case when independent contractors are paired together for one project.


Toggl allows you to create projects and tasks and make them time bounding. It is a time tracking app, which allows you to assign time it should take or will take to complete a project. It helps companies give direction to their projects when many projects are ongoing side by side. They can know how long certain tasks are taking to be completed and how much time is left in a certain project.


Quickbooks is an app that gives online accounting services. It helps with accounting tasks such as monitoring cash flow, setting budgets, creating business reports, and creating VAT returns. It is a very useful app for small businesses to fulfil and monitor their accounting needs.

This app allows in-house social networking for business to facilitate co-workers collaborations. It allows employees to share files easily and collaborate on projects. It also allows cutting down on meeting time and decreases the number of emails sent by allowing to pose companywide questions or notices.


Mozy provides backup services to prevent small businesses form losing any files or data. Businesses can continuously back up all computer and server files for a reasonable price. The files are retrievable.