Secure Managed Cloud Hosting

Keeping your data secure is an on-going commitment to information security and risk management. When it comes to your company’s sensitive information, it pays to have a secure system in place. Secure hosting for websites and servers is an essential place to start building a foundation.

We offer Secure Managed Cloud Hosting to keep your data secure through private data protection, and to keep your systems in operating condition, backed up physically and in the cloud.

Secure Managed Cloud Hosting will help keep your company’s website running even when a glitch hits or something else happens thanks to both cloud and managed hosting solutions.

Risk management is also a part of this service so you constantly know what risks your company could potentially face and how to mitigate the repercussions should a risk become an actual threat or hack.

We follow the best of compliance standards, such as PCI (Payment Card Industries) and ISO 27001, to ensure that your data is safe and your systems function in a secure way. By ensuring your company’s own compliance, we help you protect your business and its virtual assets with secure hosting.

And as always, you have access to our team for expertise when it comes to managing risks and making sure your data is secure.

Lean Security provides high-performance and cost-effective enterprise level cloud hosting in Australia. Catering to all kinds of businesses from a diverse range of industries, we provide complete managed cloud hosting services so that our clients can run their business without any concerns regarding network or IT security. Our managed services come with a promise of cost and quality.

Secure your company’s website and servers today with our Secure Managed Cloud Hosting service.

Secure Cloud Managed Hosting Highlights

Managed Operations

Operating systems, databases, web servers, file storage, FTP/SMTP servers etc are installed, configured, patched, maintained and secured for you. 365/24/7 support, the engineer is available within 15 seconds to respond to your enquiries.

Scale as you Grow

Use the advantage of Cloud computing.  Whether you have one application or hundred, the managed cloud hosting is ideal solution for you. Reduce the risk of external compromise by putting your public applications into the Cloud

Advanced Security

Achieve your PCI DSS or ISO27001 compliance with the Secure Managed Cloud Hosting solution.  Reliable hosting will help you to achieve 100% application uptime and prevent the losses due to the outage or hacking attack.