Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing services use an arsenal of highly effective security testing tools and techniques similar to those that are used by unauthorized users and attackers on the internet. Penetration testers perform wide range of assessment that simulates possible attack testing scenarios from certain persons with diverse degrees of knowledge about how it is done. 


web application penetration test

LEAN SECURITY uses the comprehensive penetration testing methodology to assess the security of the web application and identify the security risks. The methodology is based on OWASP and NIST recommendation. Various tools and the techniques are used to discover the vulnerabilities within the target web application. Each application is manually audited by an experienced penetration tester with the assistance of penetration testing tools such as the Burp Suite. The audit attempted to identify not just common classes of security vulnerabilities, but also vulnerabilities specific to the application itself.



Our comprehensive demand to this mobile application testing is to see and determine the entire technology pile including network, server and client. This comprehensive and holistic approach is utilized so that unwanted vulnerabilities detected in the component can be utilized while testing the server. Before the testing begins, we facilitate full installation of application and carry out inclusive walk-through utilizing several functions available. We identify ways on how components work altogether and leverage the flow as assessment takes place continuously. 



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