Ask Us – Difference Between Penetration Testing, Security Audit And Vulnerability Assessment

Companies and businesses with online presences are more vulnerable than ever, to exploitation and hacking. Today’s rapid explosion of internet-based commerce guarantees it. Besides various aspects of a corporate network that are vulnerable to attack, web application servers and their managed transitions are especially open to criminal hackers. Web application security has become even more important than ever however traditional testing of security controls (firewalls) are no longer sufficient or efficient in protecting organizations and companies doing business on the internet.

Yes – it goes without saying that businesses today need something extra when it comes to managing their web application security. Now the mantra for effective web application for companies has changed. Now the e-commerce sector believes simply ‘avoid being hacked’ isn’t enough especially when failure to properly manage security is linked to serious liabilities such as: 

  • Cross-site request forgery
  • Un-validated redirects and forwards
  • Sensitive data exposure
  • Security misconfiguration
  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Session management and broken authentication

 What type of security assessment you should look into for you IT infrastructure. There are commonly three types, i.e. penetration test, vulnerability assessment, and security audit.

What Is A Security Audit?

It simply refers to evaluating an application or system’s risk level, against certain set standards or baselines. Standards are actually mandatory or compulsory compliance rules while even minimal effort is an acceptable level of security for baselines. What do they do? Both standards and baselines help achieve a certain level of consistency when it comes to security implementation. These set of rules can also be specific to industries, technologies and processes.

Important Note:

Security audits in any cases give businesses a false sense of security as most rules for both standards and baselines are unable to keep up with rapid changes in cyber security, vulnerabilities and threats.

What Is A Vulnerability Assessment?

Also know as vulnerability analysis, it’s a process through which security holes or vulnerabilities are defined, identified and classified in a computer, network, or IT infrastructure. Most people don’t know this but assessment is stopped once vulnerability is found. This means a full-fledged attack against the vulnerability doesn’t follow, to verify if it is a legitimate threat or a false positive.

What Is Penetration Testing?

Pen tests are conducted to simply evaluate an IT infrastructure’s security. This is done by safely or ‘ethically’ exploiting vulnerabilities within a web application, operating system, improper configurations, or even due to risky end-user behavior.

 Important Note:

A popular misconception about pen testing services is that web application security is enhanced since these services are more expensive than others. It is important to remember penetration testing doesn’t make IT networks and applications more secure since existing security is evaluated only.

 Whether you choose pen testing, security audit, or website evaluation and assessment from Lean Security, know this that we will offer the very best in managed security services and advanced web security testing. Try it out today!