What Measures Do You Take to Keep Your Business’s Web and Mobile Applications Secure?

If you aren’t worried about the cyber security of your business, you should be. Cyber crime has increased exponentially this year, in Australia and neighbouring New Zealand. Security experts gathered round and came up with all the security risks that businesses in the country need to look out for, as these attacks aren’t only increasing in numbers, but in sophistication as well.

This is why businesses are forever on the lookout for ways of boosting their network infrastructure security that’ll help mitigate risks and prevent the exposure and/or theft of sensitive information. The security experts at Lean Security provide the following protective measures that businesses can take to secure their networks.   

Exploit the Latest Technological Innovations

Businesses need to stay informed regarding the latest internet technology related developments as well as invest in them. Such technological developments and software are quite capable of combating and preventing cybercrime, as well as protecting the privacy of users and helping secure their computers and mobile applications. The 6 D’s of Cyber Security should be used when planning defences that would fight against current and future threats.

Prepare, Implement and Communicate a Strict Security Policy

IT environments today aren’t just made of end user workstations connected to servers, as now mobile devices, BYOD, cloud storage and remote workstations are also a large part of these environments. Businesses can no longer protect their IT configurations by simple segregation of the network; hence, they should employ another way to protect it.

The same guideline should be followed as that for users working in the office environment and on the same software, devices, etc. There should be made rules for strong passwords, for e-mailing or file downloads, and for using connection methods (Bluetooth, hotspots, wireless) and peripherals so as to prevent the chaos that usually follows in managing an entire IT infrastructure.  

Employ Intelligence Tools and Engage In Proactive Cyber-Security

Businesses need to be more proactive when it comes to web application security and must be able to recognize the signs even with zero indication of malfeasance.

Businesses can become more proactive by:

v  Identifying the security control gaps found through self web and mobile security assessment.

v  Pinpointing the exact vulnerabilities that the IT environment is plagued by.

v  Examining how much prepared the company is against cyber- attacks.

v  Coming up with incident response and effective threat detection methods.

v  Thoroughly reviewing the cyber risk management practiced.

v  Highlighting the appropriate cyber security controls.

Of course, today small to mid ranged businesses and even enterprises don’t place their entire focus on the working IT department (and sometimes don’t even have one in place). For them, a much better and less costly option is to hire professional managed security services as they have the latest software and tools necessary to implement any security measure within web applications. Take a free assessment of your web applications by Lean Security today!