The Most Problematic Mobile Security Threats (Part 2)

In today’s age, mobile communication has become an integral part of personal and professional life for most people. But as the need for mobile communication has grown, so has the number of mobile security threats. For the hackers, mobile threats can prove to be lucrative.. For most organizations, however, they are nothing but an ever growing pain.

Currently, there are many mobile security threats that leave even the experts stymied. Continuing from where we left off in the last post, here are some threats that the pros find especially problematic.

6.     Android Fragmentation

Most security threats associated with Android are very rarely highlighted in public forums, despite the fragmentation of the Android mobile OS being well documented and discussed.

Security patches are often not the top consideration with so many variations. The security patches include the infrastructure essential to deploy the update on a per-carrier basis and worldwide. Many devices never see a patch or a full OS upgrade but are still released with an operating system.

7.     Non Responsive Insiders

It might surprise you to know this but over 35% of corporate and enterprise employees thoroughly believe that data security is not their responsibility. And a surprising 59% of the employees believe that a laptop or a mobile device with company data would not result in a threat to the security of the company.

This could be easily taken care of by educating the employees about security threats and how to be wary of them. Sadly, most organizations believe that the employees ought to know better on their own.

8.     Sophisticated Mobile Attackers

Attackers continue to be even more sophisticated about their attacks despite the fact that companies and security specialists come up with ways to block the attacks and enhance the existing security measures. This is why organizations need to be sure they have a comprehensive and up-to-date security solution set in place.

9.     Hostile Enterprise Signed Mobile Apps

Hostile enterprise signed mobile apps are a collection of malicious apps that thwart app store controls by leveraging enterprise application distribution ability in Android and iOS. This class of apps uses private OS APIs to gain detailed device information.  They might even change settings, mine address books and profile enterprise networks, and send that information to the malicious entities.

10.Legit Mobile Apps that Mine Corporate Information

More often than not, the security threats faced by organizations come from apps present in the devices of the employees. Most people simply don’t realize that personal and corporate data may be sent to remote servers and advertising networks all over the world. From there, that data can be mined by malicious entities and hostile governments seeking access to corporate networks.

Most experts agree that in the coming years, corporate hacking will be done through apps. This is why you should give mobile app security testing special consideration. You can get in touch with us to avail this service and other services like web application penetration testing. To read this list from the beginning, head over to part 1 of this blog. To know more about web and mobile application security, you can browse our website.