Mobile Application Penetration Test - Tier 1


Mobile Application Penetration Test - Tier 1

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Basic Mobile Application Penetration testing service, which allows identifying OWASP Top 10 security issues and suited for Low risk mobile apps (data collection, branding apps with high volume etc).

The test can be used part of the internal due diligence process to identify the immediate and easy to find vulnerabilities.

After the test, Lean Security will provide the report to help with the remediation activities.

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  • Perform a static analysis of the binary

Android Specific Checks 

  • Check for dangerous app permissions
  • Check for dangerous file permissions
  • Check activities
  • Check broadcasts permissions
  • Check intents
  • Check content providers
  • Check WebView implementation
  • Check camera usage
  • Check root detection capabilities
  • Check certificate pinning capabilities
  • Check binary protection
  • Check log data

iOS Specific Checks

  • Check the usage of keychain
  • Check the cached screenshots for data leakage
  • Check Jailbreak detection
  • Check certificate pinning
  • Check app permissions
  • Check log data